Container Division

Quality Assurance

Apart from color matching Lab, which ensures consistency of color and regulates shade variation, HFL container division is also equipped with a QC lab which checks container for various quality parameters like :

Handle pull test - Drum rested in downward position on a bracket and weight loaded on the handle to check the strength.

Drop Test - Drum dropped from 1.28 Meter height (Filled with 98% water) and checked for any leakage. Only a few drums are checked on random basis.

Air pressure Test - Drum is immersed in water & air is passed from the mouth of the drum at a pressure of 0.40 Kg/cm2 for 5 sec. Air Bubbles will come to show the leakage.

Scratch/Mar Resistance - Checked manually by scratching the paint with index & thumb finger. Formation of any scratches are then observed visually. This test is carried out after painting and printing.

Solvent Resistance – A mixture of specific hard solvents are poured and kept on the top for around 10 minutes to check abrasion of paint. Solvent resistance in body checked by rubbing the solvent soaked cotton for a multiple number of times. This test is carried out after painting and printing.

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