Gravure Inks

Hi Print Foil Inks


MEK-Toluene free ink formulated for reverse printing by gravure system on aluminium foil where high gloss and high heat resistance is required.


Pharmaceutical medicines, food wrappers.

Print Process:


Print Substrate:

Aluminium Foil,chromo paper, blister foil etc.

Key Product Features:

Excellent printability and re-solubility.

Low solvent retention/ low odour

High color strength.

Higher bond strength.

Extremely stable and excellent re-usability.

Suitable for food grade applications (MEK-Toluene free).

Excellent half tone reproduction.

Heat Resistance up to 220oC.

High quality tonal and fine line printing.

Good doctor blade life.

Suitable for speed from 100 M/M to 350 M/M.

Solvent System
Slow Ethyl Cellosolve:Ethyl Acetate-20:80
Normal Ethyl Acetate
Retarder Ethyl Cellosolve (As required)

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