Printing Ink Division

Ink Kitchen

Now develop any shade at your own territory! All you have to do is get our tech-lab installed at your place and an HFL ink technician will be at your service for 24 hours.


Provide the desired shade, the substrate to be printed and the laminate structure.

The shade is scanned with color management equipments and target values are obtained.

A recipe is prepared with reference to those target values.

Ink is developed at your place with the intermixing of 11 base colors (White, Cyan, magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, Violet, Green, Orange, Gold and Silver).

As easy as it sounds!

Requirements :

Proofing equipment

Weighing scales

Spectrophotometer and gloss-meter

Metal Containers- both 50 ltr and 200 ltr capacity

One small 50 ltr capacity mixer and one large 200 ltr capacity mixer.

The Ink Kitchen offers following benefits :

Provides perfectly matched ink shade within a short span of time.

Consistent ink batches

In-house support available 24x7

Lesser dependency which makes your work more fluent

Lower press return inventory

Decreased job to job variations in ink GSM, registration and shade

Excellent technical support from HFL

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