Printing Ink Division

Ink Selection Chart

Product Product Code Resin System Features/Application Solvent System Substrate Printing Side Type of Lamination Toluene/MEK free
Esterlam Plus Inks HFL-100 Vinyl base General confectionary items E/A: Toluene PET, BOPP (With BOPP Additive) Reverse SL/SB NO
Trulam Chroma HFL-1300 PU base High performance, very high bond strength E/A: Toluene PET, BOPP Reverse SB/SL/PE Extrusion NO
Ultralam Extrusion HFL-300 CPP base For PP Extrusion lam with PP fabric Toluene BOPP Reverse PP extrusion lamination NO
ESTERFLEX HFL-2300 NC-PU base High performance inks. E/A PET, BOPP Reverse/ Surface SB/SL YES
HR Paper SPL HFL-900 NC base High Heat Resistance Paper inks E/A Paper Reverse SB/SL adhesive YES
Shrink Wrap HFL-800 Acrylic base For shrink wraps around plastic bottles Butyl Acetate PVC Shrink Reverse/ Surface N/A YES
Hi Print Foil HFL-1100 NC base Medicine foils E/A Aluminium Foils Surface N/A YES
Hiflon BOPP HFL-1200 NC-PU base Food packaging E/A HS BOPP/ Pearlized BOPP Reverse/ Surface N/A YES
Poly Premium HFL-200 Polyamide Base High gloss, low HR (60 Degree C). For Bread, rusk packaging Toluene/ IPA/NBA Treated PE/CPP/BOPP MET BOPP/CPP/PET Surface/ Reverse N/A NO
Poly Fresh HFL-700 Polyamide base Deep freeze, Oil & fat resistance Toluene/ IPA/NBA Treated LD/PE/CPP/BOPP Surface/ Reverse N/A NO
Monostar HDPE HFL-500 Modified Polyamide Cement, fertilizer etc woven sacks Toluene Treated and untreated HDPE/PP fabric Surface N/A NO
Two Pack HFL-1400 Modified Polyamide Polyamide-Hardener base ink for detergent, soap packaging etc. Toluene Treated PE/CPP Surface N/A NO
BOPP Tape HFL-1500 Modified Polyamide BOPP Adhesive tapes Toluene BOPP Surface N/A NO
BOPP label HFL-1600 Modified Polyamide Pearlized BOPP bottle wraps Toluene/ IPA HS BOPP, Pearlized BOPP Surface N/A NO
HYDRA W/B HFL-2500 Modified Acrylic Paper Packaging, Corrugation boxes, Food wrappers Water/IPA Paper (Poster, chromo etc), Corrugation paper Surface/ Reverse N/A YES

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