Gravure Inks

Starflex Inks


Ketone &Toluene freePolyurethane based high performance ink for reverse printing and lamination.


Snack food job packaging.

Print Process:


Print Substrate:

Plain Polyester, Corona treated Polyester (48-52 dynes/cm), chemically coated Polyester, treated BOPP (38-42 dynes/cm), Nylon.


Suitable for solvent base / solvent-less adhesives & polyethylene extrusion lamination (For Extrusion and Solvent-less lamination, please consult with our technical team before use).

Key Product Features:

High productivity due to higher press speeds than conventional inks.

Very low skin formation observed during printing

High color strength inks resulting in better coverage than conventional inks.

Excellent bond with PE extrusion

Recommended for press speeds more than 100 M/M

Suitable for boil and retort packaging(depending on retort structure)

Lower inventory because of common ink

Suitable for food packaging

Extremely low solvent retention/ low odor

Excellent reproduction of halftone images even at high speeds

Clean and sharp images

Solvent System
Normal E/A: NPAc: IPA::50:50:20
Retarder Methoxy Propyl Acetate (As required)
Shelf Life:

The inks and varnishes of this series have under normal conditions a shelf life of at least 6 months
Normal Conditions means:

Storage in tightly closed containers.

No admixtures

Temperature not exceeding 25 degree C for weeks or 30 degree C for days

Short time excessive-temperatures e.g. at transport are not harmful. The products are not sensitive to frost.
“Over-stored” inks (typical symptoms: fall in gloss, shift in shade, formation of odor and / or viscosity increase) may normally – off color being exceptions - be used the same way as residual inks by controlled admixture to fresh inks. Increased viscosity due to long-time storage of inks may generally be adjusted by addition of a slightly higher amount of thinner than the usual.

Please take note of the following :

The performance results indicated in this literature are only indicative under controlled conditions of laboratory with virgin & standard packaging grade films. Please do not use lower grades or substandard films. HFL, will not take any responsibility for abnormal results.

Liability: While the information outlined is given in good faith, it does not constitute a guarantee and neither is one implied as to the specific end use suitability of any product. The customers should always evaluate the suitability of products to their own satisfaction.

HFL is responsible only to the tune of replacing the ink consumed in case of any printing related problems clearly assigned to in-compatibility.

Additional Product :

Star flex Hardner: For following properties/application add 3% starflex hardner to fresh ink:

Long shelf life of packaged product

For retort and boil packaging

For solvent-less adhesive lamination

For post sterilization of packaged products

Starflex Antiblocking Agent: This product is recommended to be added upto 3% of the ink and medium quantity of la st colour (in case of full coating, if the last colour is not having full coating consult our Tech. Rep. for details). This is recommended to avoid blocking when substrate is both sides treated or having high ink GSM.

Remark :

Not recommended for surface printing application.
For ARSR properties, kindly inform our technical team.

Health and Safety :

Read the health and safety guidelines before using these products. The user is responsible for all local legislation requirement and packaging conditions.

Ink Handling :

Please refer to general guideline for handling inks for flexible packaging

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