Gravure Inks

Ultralam Extrusion Inks


This ink is formulated for reverse printing by gravure system which further goes in extrusion lamination with PP on woven sacks.


Packaging of rice, oat meal and other food products

Print Process:


Print Substrate:

Applicable on corona-treated (38-42 Dynes/cm) BOPP Film


PP Extrusion lamination between printed BOPP and PP woven fabric.

Key Product Features:

Extremely high bond strength on PP extrusion lamination.

Excellent printability resulting in clean and sharp images.

Low solvent retention/ low odor.

Extremely stable and excellent re-usability.

Excellent half tone reproduction.

Suitable for speed from 100 M/M to 350 M/M

Lower inventory because of common ink

Desired shades can be obtained by intermixing standard colors at press room level.

Solvent System
Slow Ethyl Cellosolve:Ethyl Acetate-20:80
Normal Ethyl Acetate
Retarder Ethyl Cellosolve (As required)

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