Printing Ink Division

Water-Base Hydra Inks


The performance of Water-borne Printing Inks is comparable to the performance of Solvent-borne Printing Inks in all respects & sometimes even better. New innovative sustainable technology offers following unique features:

Water borne Printing Inks are universal with good adhesion to most of the non absorbent film substrates like PVC, PE, BOPP, Pearlized BOPP, PET, METPET, PLA etc. No need to maintain separate inventory of Water borne Printing Inks for different Substrates as is the case with Solvent borne printing Inks and this will be tremendous cost savings. Water borne Printing Inks can be run on flexographic as well as Rotogravure printing press. Water borne Printing Inks are good for surface printing as well as reverse printing & for shrink sleeves as well as for lamination applications.

Conventional Solvent or Solvent free PU Adhesives seems offer good bond strength for film printed with Water-borne Printing Inks.
No need to change Adhesive chemistry.
Prints with higher gloss, better coverage and has excellent adhesion to film substrates.
Improved scuff resistance, AR & SR properties combined with Chemical resistance, early water resistance etc.
Can accept Overprint varnish
Odor free
FDA Compliant
Plant free from handling of hazardous & highly flammable solvents. No occupational hazards.

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