Gravure Inks

Esterlam Plus Inks


This ink is formulated for reverse printing by gravure system which further goes in lamination with solvent base or solvent less adhesive. Vinyl based resin system suitable for various flexible films.


Flexible packaging for confectionary and general purpose product pouches. Lamination bonds are dependent on substrate type and quality, adhesive type and film weight applied.

Print Process:


Print Substrate:

Plain Polyester, Corona treated Polyester (48-52 dynes/cm), chemically coated Polyester, treated BOPP (38-42 dynes/cm). Consult our technical team before printing on BOPP


Suitable for solvent-based and solvent-less lamination.

Key Product Features:

Excellent printability resulting in clean and sharp images.

Low solvent retention/ low odour.

Suitable for food packaging (External Packaging only)

High bond strength

Extremely stable and excellent re-usability

Excellent half tone reproduction

Suitable for speed from 100 M/M to 220 M/M

Desired shades can be obtained by intermixing standard colors at press room level.

Bond strength:

Optimum lamination bond strength: superior to 120g/15 mm (under laboratory conditions) for most structures such as : PET to LDPE Films – actual bond strengths depend on the films, adhesives and ink and ink and adhesive film weights employed for laminating.

Good lamination bond strength on polyester (PET) structures chemical treated polyester films.


Solvent and solvent blends used for dilution may need to be adjusted in accordance to printing conditions: Namely, printing process, printing speed, oven capability, and graphics such as solids, lines, half tone, vignette and process printing.

To achieve good DOT RE-REPRODUCIBILITY @ below 8% level, Use of Extra Retarder is Recommended

Depending on printing conditions, the following solvents may be used as retarder or accelerator

Accelerator: MEK, Ethyl Acetate

Slow: Toluene

Retarder: MIBK, MethoxyPropyl Acetate

It is essential to ensure solvent removal, especially while employing excessive slow drying solvents, to avoid blocking and to maintain the low odour properties of these inks. High retained alcohol levels are known to interfere with the performance of the laminating adhesive.

Additional products:

Esterlam Series- The Esterlam Inks are also Vinyl based but have a relatively poor bond and color strength. Adhesion is best in chemically coated polyester and printing on Plain polyester (Dyne level less than 48 dynes/cm) is not recommended.

BOPP Additive: 5% Converting Agent can be added to ink & medium by weight to enhance the application on corona treated BOPP film. (38-42dynes/cm.)

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